Domestic flights to operate with full capacity

NEW DELHI, Oct 12:
Airlines can operate domestic flights without any capacity restriction from October 18 onwards, the Ministry of Civil Aviation announced today keeping in mind the “passenger demand for air travel”.
The carriers have been operating 85 per cent of their pre-COVID domestic services since September 18, according to the Ministry’s order.
The capacity cap stood at 72.5 per cent between August 12 and September 18, 65 per cent between July 5 and August 12 and 50 per cent between June 1 and July 5.
On October 9, the Indian carriers operated 2,340 domestic flights, which is 71.5 per cent of their total pre-COVID capacity.
The Ministry stated in its order that “it has been decided to restore the scheduled domestic air operation with effect from October 18, 2021, without any capacity restriction”.
The order noted that the decision was taken “after a review of the current status of scheduled domestic operations viz-a-viz passenger demand for air travel”.(PTI)