Dogri plays

O P Sharma
Name of Book : Doore Da Rishta
(Distant Relation)
Author : Santosh Sangdha
Publisher : Highbrow Publications, Bari Brahmana, Jammu
Year : 2018
Pages : 140
Price : Rs 200
This 140-page Dogri book entitled: ” Doore Da Rishta” ( Distant Relation) is authored by renowned drama artist and now a well known writer, Santosh Sangdha. It contains six sentimental plays in Dogri scripted in deep-rooted cultural mores, old practices, a number of gender issues and other acute problems facing the society. These crucial matters are raised by Ms Sangdha, in her chaste Dogri language and inimitable style of effectively communicating the vital message to address the problems and rid the social evils and gender injustice. The narration is, indeed, interesting and instructive
Besides being a reputed Dogri drama artist herself, she has written three famous books: Kali Ganga, Aantakaran De Qauid both in Dogri and Vichar Oushad ( Hindi) and now this work on theatre plays. Her language is simple and direct appealing both to the heart and head of the audience. It needs to be mentioned that she is well versed in the theatre field along with flair for effectively writing in Dogri language.
Six Plays
The book under review has six chapters containing : Nilasar Natak, Hoon Ea Ki, Shehkadiya Dhara, Kamm Da Lekha, Door Da Rishta and Bara-Deada all couched in chaste Dogri and narrative depicting the true picture of the characters and portraying the spirit and circumstances of the story. There is always lesson to be drawn and strong urge for challenging the situation for social and gender justice. The book is worth money and time spent on its reading and learning some notable useful lessons.
This book was released at an impressive function held at KL Saigal Hall of Cultural Academy, Jammu on August 21, 2019 at which S K Sharma, Addl Commisioner Income Tax Dept, Jammu , a son of the soil who is himself profoundly interested in art, literature and culture, was the chief guest . The function was attended by a galaxy of renowned writers, artists and prominent citizens.
Enriching Experience
Prof Lalit Magotra, president, Dogri Sanstha lauded the personal contribution of Ms Sangdha in enriching the art and culture. He also had a word of praise for her distinct style and skill in raising the social and gender issues. Prof Veena Gupta, in her detailed paper read on the occasion, threw ample light on the life of this author and her literary contribution.
Staging Sangdha’s drama ” Sehkdidya Dhara” was another feature of the Book Release function which was appreciated and applauded by audience at the function.
Gender Injustice !
Celebrated Dogri writer and one associated with filmdom, Ved Rahi has written the “Preface” of this book and has expressed good word for Santosh Sangdha, who has god-gifted art of communication-both as dramatists and now as a popular writer of four famous books.
This book gives glimpses of social, cultural and moral mores highlighted by the writer who has intimate knowledge and experience of the society as also has passion for gender issues and her relentless fight against socio-economic and gender injustice. Reading this Dogri book will certainly benefit one and all.