Dogri novel ‘Anant’ now in Kashmiri too

O.P Sharma
The famous Dogri novel entitled “Anant” by renowned author Ved Rahi has now been translated into Kashmiri by well known Kashmiri writer Piarey Hatash and this new book has come out in the Kashmiri edition. It will now certainly get much wider readership. It is noteworthy that both Dogri and Kashmiri languages are in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution as well as are official languages in Jammu and Kashmir. This new book has been broadly welcomed by the literary and the general public.
The story-line of this 302-page book is based on the unique mass movement popularly known as Bam-Bam Bhole agitation during the year 2008 in the entire Jammu region mainly against deep sense of discrimination and injustice over land allotment issue connected with holy Sri Amarnath yatra. This movement engulfed Jammu region and subsequently spread elsewhere across the country as well.
This mass protest lasted for over two months and all the sections of the society, especially the youth participated in the true Gandhian spirit. It represented the strong will of the people and sent a straight and strong message for socio-economic justice.
Eminent Dogri writer and film-maker Ved Rahi authored this theme-based Dogri novel ” Anant” has gained instant popularity and has already been translated into Hindi and other languages. The felt-need for Kashmiri version has been fulfilled by renowned Kashmiri writer Piarey Hatash who has the credit of having authored 36 books in Kashmiri, Urdu, Hindi and Dogri as well.
Mr Rahi’s keen sense of observation and sentiments moved him to pick-up this theme and weave out a novel in Dogri with his characteristic sensitivity and literary charm. This book in Dogri got acclaimed in the literary circles and the general readership.
Mr Hatash took up the challenging task of translating Ved Rahi’s Dogri novel “Anant” in Kashmiri for fulfilling the felt-need for its version in Kashmiri. In an exclusive interview, Mr Hatash told me that he has completed this book in about two and a half years overcoming the difficulties of language and spirit of the original work. In reply to a question, he said he got assistance of Dogri writers and scholars in the translation and understanding the situationas well as spirit of Ved Rahi’s Anant”. He said he is residing in Jammu for the last nearly 30 years and fairly got acquainted with their language, culture and traditions.
Ved Rahi’s novel has depicted the background of the mass movement of 2008 in Jammu and penned this literary master-piece based on his sentiments and observations. It got good public response and the book became instantly popular. It may be mentioned that the noted English writer Charles Dickens had authored a book based on the background of French Revolution.
Mr Hatash talked about the quality of his translation in Kashmiri written in “Persio-Arabic” script and accuracy of language as well spirit or situation has been kept well in mind. This book has vividly portrayed in detail the entire struggle and the spirit behind it. Rahi’s work in Dogri has now been competently translated into Kashmiri. Piarey Hatash deserves a word of praise for the translation in keeping the true spirit and the very soul of the original work. He has done the job as a professional. It may be pointed out that Mr Hatash must have put in lot of hard work and applied his talent to obtain optimal outcome in the form of present translation book.The translator certainly has competence in both the Kashmiri as well as fair knowledge of Dogri.
The Publisher of this book too need deserve a word of praise for undertaking this work of service to Dogri and Kashmiri languages as well as the readers all over Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere. The title of this book too is meaningful and attractive. The printing of this book is of fine grade, the paper is of high quality and the language is marked by its purity, simplicity and style.
The writings in all the languages: regional or national, after all constitute the Indian literature. Efforts must be made to give translation version of classic works in various other languages.