DNA, Cyber Labs at FSL Jammu to be ready within next few months

Physics, Ballistics Divisions made functional after long gap

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, June 24: The much-needed DNA and Cyber Laboratories will be ready at Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) Jammu within next few months and immensely help the investigating agencies in solving the criminal and cyber fraud cases. Moreover, defunct Physics and Ballistics Divisions have been made functional in Jammu after a long gap by engaging necessary manpower through different means.

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Official sources told EXCELSIOR that the long felt requirement of having DNA and Cyber Laboratories in FSL Jammu is going to be met shortly as presently work is going on at a fast pace. While Cyber Lab is being established at a cost of Rs 14 crore, the DNA Lab will come up at a cost of Rs 7 crore.
The physical infrastructure of Cyber Lab is almost complete and work will shortly begin on establishment of computers and installation of required software. Similarly, the physical infrastructure of DNA Lab will be completed within next one month and parallel process has been initiated for procurement of necessary equipment.
It is pertinent to mention here that announcement in this regard was made in the Budget 2023-24 by the Union Finance Minister in the Parliament and accordingly necessary funds were released for establishment of both the laboratories.
The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), which is the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas, is assisting in the establishment of state-of-the-art Cyber Lab for FSL Jammu. Likewise, National Forensic Sciences University, Gujarat is extending help in the establishment of DNA Lab and procurement of all the required equipment will be made through this University only.
“Both the laboratories will be ready within next few months and will be of immense help to the investigating agencies in solving the cyber fraud and criminal cases besides giving expert advice on important aspects”, sources said.
The Cyber Forensic Lab helps in identifying, seizing, acquiring and analyzing all electronic devices related to all cyber-enabled offences to collect digital evidence required to be presented in a court of law for prosecution purposes.
Likewise, forensic scientists can use DNA profiles to identify criminals or determine parentage. A DNA profile is like a genetic fingerprint. Every person has a unique DNA profile, making it very useful for identifying people involved in a crime. DNA evidence is used in the court almost routinely to connect suspects to crime scenes and is considered as more reliable than many other kinds of crime scene evidence.
Moreover, Physics and Ballistics Divisions in the FSL Jammu, which were lying defunct during the past quite long time, have been made functional by arranging necessary manpower through different means. “Though these divisions play an important role yet no serious attention was paid in the past to make them functional despite the fact that there were so many options to arrange required manpower”, sources informed.
The physics is used to understand the pattern of a blood spatter, biology to establish the source of an unidentified suspect and chemistry to determine the composition of drugs. Thus, the role of forensic science in criminal justice and the legal system is highly critical.
Likewise, the work in the Ballistics Division involves the identification and comparison of firearms, ammunition and parts thereof. When a bullet is fired from a gun, the gun leaves microscopic marks on the bullet and cartridge case. These marks are like ballistic fingerprints and Ballistics Division helps in analyzing the same.
When contacted, Director Forensic Science Laboratory J&K, Mohd Shahid Saleem Dar confirmed that Cyber and DNA Labs will be ready in Jammu within next few months. “The work is apace on all the components of the labs, which once established will help the investigating agencies a lot”, he added.