Divisional level posts for Ladakh, but when?

It may be recalled that under the administration of Governor Satya Pal Malik, Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir State was granted in February this year , a Divisional status , a demand and aspirations of the people there pending for a long time with which Ladakh too became one of the three administrative -units of the state . Three months, however, have passed but post sanction administrative activities and a support system is nowhere in sight. No decision has so far been taken in respect of creation of divisional level posts of different departments. We wonder how in the absence of such infrastructure, divisional status carried any cogent meaning for the people.
Divisional Commissioner and Inspector General of Police, the two basic posts, under the Divisional status were already created but still the I.G.P has not been posted. Even a committee was constituted to identify and spell out vide a detailed report, modalities for identifying posts of Divisional level heads of different departments . Had delay in submission of the report of the said Committee been caused on any count, that would have become an alibi for the State Government in not proceeding further but the report stands already submitted which , however, has not been implemented. Model code of conduct, currently in operation, on account of General elections, explicitly exempts the State Government from any restrictions in going ahead with the exercise of creating posts and engaging the personnel in respect of the subject matter. Would the State Administrative Council look into the issue and act at an early date to make granting of Divisional status to Ladakh meaningful and useful for the people of Leh and Kargil districts?