Divide and Rule: Time Magazine Failed Attempt

Racchna Sharma
The Article/Cover of the TIME magazine is a failed attempt to induce Division by instilling subtle complex towards our Identity, Culture, Religion, Leaders, and Nation. We young Indians are taking note of the outsiders’ divide and rule policy. Not anymore!

The above figures ( taken from various web sources ) are a Testimony to the fact that large number of Countries with majority of larger Religious Institutions are never pointed out as extremists but a country like India when claims to be practicing its own Tradition / Religion is labelled as Extremist; sometimes by other countries and sometimes by its own people. This is clearly an attempt of domination by larger numbers.
How does it do so?
The data given above shows the number of countries practicing some kind of tradition or method to reach God / Truth. We call it Religion. These countries are not labelled Bhakts or Extremists because people are practicing some kind of tradition.

“This is what they associate with and this is who they are in the collective consciousness of a nation”. In this case, religion seems to be the national sentiment on tradition.
However otherwise they compete with each other and challenge each other on other economics of problem solving like poverty, hunger, and disease. They constantly innovate and ensure their citizens have access to healthcare, education, and food. They constantly evolve with time and adopt to new technologies and discoveries. They call that nation building.
What happened to a geography we call India?
Then there is one geography which for decades has been ruled by the “tool”of dividing it in the name of Religion / Caste etc. In this geography resided the people of Hindustan (Modern age Hindus and Muslims). The ancestors of these people never knew one Religion, as the fundamental tradition that was flowing in this geography was of “Freedom and Choice – A way of Life”. Hence so many kinds and types of cultures were followed with their own regional language, deities, and Gods.
“This is what they associated with and this is who they were in the collective consciousness of the nation or geography”. This Diversity seemed to be the national or geographical sentiment on tradition/religion.
They were small tiny sects of people spread all over the geography vulnerable to the attacks of larger Religious Institutions. They never realized it then …
What was happening in the world meanwhile?
However the religious bodies kept becoming stronger and powerful in the name of religion, and were able to manoeuvre people for good and unity. As time passed by and rulers enjoyed the benefits of such a large institutions, they became greedy and desires grew multifold. In an attempt to conquer, to win, and to have more power they started manipulating this institution to create many other institutions and went power drunk. In that situation the geography of Hindustan which didn’t know of this new institution, started downfalling and rest is history. Not knowing where a Hindustani belongs to, he is still fighting this evil of Religion. Ambitious, well educated, and wise people have understood this fully and are now using this weapon again and again to strike the leftovers of Hindustan. India and Pakistan are a classic example of it. Pakistan says we are an Islamic Country and gets away with it. Somehow they have realised the power of this Institution called Religion.
While when India says we are a Hindu nation controversies began. Our own people, citizens of this nation call each other Bhakts, Hate Mongers etc. It is not our fault. We are hard wired NOT to be associated with any method or tradition so strongly. We still exercise our freedom and choice. However it is high time we stand United against these powerful manipulators and gather our strength back.
Why this article now post TIME Cover & Story?
India is growing to become the world power again. The demographic dividend can be used to become a powerful and ruling economy in the world or we can get carried away by this Religion Game once again and send our people as slaves to serve another nations as they are growing old. This is a larger conspiracy and we have to stand united. We shall discourage these initiatives about unrest to slow down our economic agenda at the very inception. It is my utmost request to the Indian citizens, do not get carried away by TIME magazine and people who have no awareness about this data. Please share this with as many people and educate them about some facts about religion. The article by TIME is based on sentiments of Hindu-Muslim divide. We have no such issues with Muslims in the country as magnified and glorified by this magazine. Muslims are as much Indians as Hindus. We stand united in the time of crisis. We stand with our Culture, Tradition, Leaders ,and each other. This time we won’t let is happen again !