Diversity in talent will lead to diversity in cinema: Prasoon Joshi

MUMBAI, Nov 21: Noted lyricist and CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi on Sunday said it is necessary for the Indian film industry to have people from different backgrounds to tell diverse stories.
Joshi said there is a need to bring fresh faces in the film industry to make every region feel represented on the big screen.
”Since I come from Uttarakhand and do not belong to Mumbai, I used to believe that our film industry is being joined by only those people who come from big cities. ”Diversity will come to our films only when there will be diversity in our talent. Only then we can see the truthful representation of a farmer’s life. People can argue that through discussion and observation a filmmaker can tell another person’s story. But if a person who belongs to that milieu comes to the industry, then you will get a true story,” Joshi said.
He was speaking at the launch event of ’75 Creative Minds of Tomorrow’ initiative at the ongoing 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI). The initiative aims to encourage and recognise young creative minds and budding talent in the country.
The 75 youngsters, comprising 7 female and 68 male artists and all below 35 years of age, were selected by a jury and later shortlisted by a grand jury, headed by Joshi.
The youngsters were chosen on the basis of their skills in different fields of filmmaking including direction, editing, singing and screenplay, among others. During the event, Joshi, the chairman of Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), also emphasised on the need to make appropriate films for children.
”We are not making enough films for children. Today, what we are offering to our children is the content that is actually meant for adults. With kids, you need to talk in a child-like language. We cannot talk to them like they are adults. We need to think about entertaining content for children.
”I feel that we have forgotten about the innocence of childhood and today, there are very few people who are telling stories for children,” he said.
The lyricist urged young filmmakers to come up with stories worth telling to children.
”Today, children don’t spend time with their grandparents and listen to their stories. Instead, parents are showing YouTube videos to their kids. Grandparents used to mind the fact that they are children and ensure they are nurtured in the right way. This is the need of the time.” The 75 young talents are from various states and regions from across the country, including Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jammu & Kashmir and Tamil Nadu, among others.
They will get to interact with the many renowned filmmakers and artists at the IFFI. They will also get a unique opportunity to connect with industry experts and attend masterclasses. (Agencies)