Dispute between truck owners, industrialists resolved

Excelsior Correspondent
SAMBA, May 11: The meeting of Association of Truckers, the Industries and the Transporters was conducted jointly by Deputy Commissioner and Senior Superintendent of Police, Samba, here today to resolve the ongoing dispute over the allotment of trucks owned by local transporters for loading of goods from the industrial units operating in the District.
The representatives of Industrial Units, Truckers Association and Transport Companies also participated in the meeting.
The representatives of Truck Association raised the issue that the industrial units functioning in the Industrial Growth Centre of the District were not providing priority to local transporters and instead of hiring their trucks, they were hiring the vehicles from outside the State or other places, which had led to financial hardship to them.
They further alleged that some of the industrial units were engaging the trucks after offloading the goods at much lower rates than the market rates, which was also adding to their sufferings.
On the other hand, representatives of Industries expressed that the rates being charged by the local Transport Association were much higher than the prevailing market rates at Jammu and Bari Brahmna, which were not feasible to them.
After listening both sides, it was resolved that preference would be accorded by the Industrial Units to the available local vehicles owned by the local transporters subject to the condition that the rates charged would be reasonable and in consonance with the market rates. It was also decided in the meeting that the two representatives from each association would further meet to resolve their minor issues, which might come up from time to time.
It was further decided that all the stakeholders would abide by the rules and the norms so as to ensure that the operation of transportation was carried smoothly in the Industrial area in the District.