Dispose of corruption complaints expeditiously: CVC to depts

NEW DELHI, Jan 10:
All Central Government departments have been asked to quickly dispose of corruption complaints, especially those pending for over six months, failing which a “serious view” would be taken by Central Vigilance Commission (CVC).
The move comes after the Commission noted that Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs), who act as the distant arm of the CVC, were not monitoring pending complaints by logging on to an online platform.
“On monitoring the log of the CVOs, the Commission has observed that several CVOs, both full time and part time, are still not checking their pendency regularly.
“All CVOs are therefore advised to log into their respective accounts and take expeditious action for liquidating the pendency on a regular basis,” the CVC said in a directive issued to all CVOs of Central Government departments, banks and insurance companies.
If on further review, it is noticed that still some CVOs are not checking their pendency and not taking necessary action, Commission may be constrained to view such cases seriously, it warned.
The CVC had last year reviewed pendency of investigation reports, whistle-blower complaints, implementation of its advices for both major and minor penalty and cases with departmental investigating officers.
It had then noted with concern significant delays in many cases following which all CVOs were asked to review the pendency in their organisations and draw plans to ensure expeditious disposal of all cases pending for over six months.
Those who have less cases pending for over six months may plan to deal with pendency of less than six months, it said. (PTI)


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