Disabled and octogenarians to vote through postal ballot

That any type of physical disability or the constraints of matured age over 80 years should come in between the right to vote and the mobility aspect has been resolved by their exercising the option of voting through postal ballot. Not only was the welcome move of the Government going to help the concerned group but was going to lead to an increase in voter turnout which in most cases continues to be otherwise not heavy commensurate with the democracy and democratic set up gaining deep roots in India with every passing year.
A slight departure in the existing procedure to extend the scheme or the facility of voting through postal ballot to the disabled and the seniors over 80 years of age was perhaps long overdue which was restricted to the armed forces and the personnel engaged in poll duties only. The decision to this effect should have come decades earlier as the people in both the categories, generally speaking, are unable to reach the polling booths to cast their vote and are termed as ‘absentee voters’ . Democratic right, that of casting vote by an Indian citizen must be exercised positively to make democracy more vibrant and strong in the country and all facilities must be provided by the Government in that direction. The decision of allowing the disabled and those otherwise over 80 years of age to cast their vote through postal ballot is a giant step in that direction.