Directive to SSPs


I nvolvement of Police authorities in the overall developmental process of the districts of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir is a small but an innovative step recently taken by the Government. Usually, Administrative Secretaries , now designated as in-charge of the districts , undertake visits of the districts to conduct meetings to assess the levels of the implementation of various decisions which generally relate to the day to day problems of the people and that also with the stipulation of adhering to the fixed time lines. In all meetings , therefore, where such review of developmental issues take place, presence of respective Senior Superintendents of Police of the respective district has been decided to be a norm from now onwards. This has been done decidedly in order to acquaint the concerned participating authorities with the issues and problems faced by the Police Department so that on the spot assessment as also possibly resolution thereof too took place. Otherwise also, we feel the higher authorities of Police at district levels must attend such meetings of importance which are directly related to people so that wider awareness and coordination took place and not merely those specific issues which are related to the Police department only. Not only at District levels but at levels down thereto , such meetings at sub-divisional levels are required to be conducted where Sub Divisional Magistrates (SDMs) and Sub Divisional Police Officers (SDPOs) , even Tehsildars and SHOs are involved in articulating issues concerning their departments. Generally, in such developmental review meetings, problems and issues related to Police Department are hardly taken up for resolution since the concerned department too reels under several problems addressing which, taking the course other than now devised, meant more time, lengthy process and even delays. Otherwise also, more coordination between and understanding of issues interse, the civil administration and the Police authorities is prerequisite for better implementation of various measures and decisions of the Government like enforcement of COVID Appr