Dinesh Bharti mesmerizes devotees with religious discourses

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Swami Dinesh Bharti delivering religious discourses at Gurukul Barnai on Sunday.
Swami Dinesh Bharti delivering religious discourses at Gurukul Barnai on Sunday.

JAMMU, Sept 27: On the penultimate day of his week -long Bhagwat Katha, Swami Dinesh Bharti a well known saint and scholar threw light on Lord Krishna ‘s life today.
He, while highlighting his teachings as per Shrimad Bhagwat Puran and Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta said that it is bounden duty of children to take care of their parents in their old age. He said it is unfortunate that when the parents take care and bring up four to five children, manage their education to make them good citizens of the nation, it is unfortunate that some children shirk their responsibility towards their parents which is against the teachings of Hinduism and Lord Krishna.
He said Lord Krishna who was incarnation of Lord Vaishno respected his both parents one who gave birth to him and another who brought up him. He said for liberation of his parents who gave birth to Lord in prison i.e Vasudev and Mata Devki, Lord Krishna attacked his maternal uncle King Kansa and killed him.
He said India is the land of great sages and saints and Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were also born on this great land. While narrating the peculiarity of this land of sages and saints, he said, Prathvi Raj Chouhan the great Indian King who defeated Mohammed Gouri 17 times was later trapped by the Gouri’s men through a traitor and still this great king did not gave in.
Swami Ji said that Yashoda was so devoted to Lord that she could not bear his separation after Lord Krishna said good buy to Gokul and left for Mathura to confront demon king Kansa and his army. Yashoda wept bitterly before Lord and prayed for his stay in Gokul. Not only Yashoda but also the Gopis were so devoted to Lord Krishna that they too could not bear his separation.
The devotees during the Swami Ji’s discourses were so spell bound that they danced and recited bhajans with him in praise of Lord Krishna continuously for hours together.
The Bhagwat Katha organized at Gurukul Barnai by Prabhu Dayal Gupta senior vice president VHP will culminate tomorrow and hundreds of devotees drawn from different pats ate participating in it.


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