Dilapidated building of GHS in Kiyar poses grave risk to students’ lives

Students playing outside the dilapidated building of Govt. High School Kiyar in Kishtwar.
Students playing outside the dilapidated building of Govt. High School Kiyar in Kishtwar.

‘Don’t have land to construct school elsewhere’

Excelsior Correspondent
Kishtwar, June 8: The Government High School Kiyar, nestled in Panchayat Chichha, Tehsil Dachhan, has become a symbol of neglect and indifference.
With crumbling walls and unsafe structures, the dilapidated state of the school building has raised concerns about the safety of around 150 students who attend the institution.
Despite repeated pleas from parents, community members, and the general public, the concerned authorities have failed to take decisive action, leaving the lives of these young learners in jeopardy.
“Sending our wards to the school has become a matter of great concern as the authorities appear to be waiting for a tragic incident before addressing the pressing issue,” a Kiyar resident said.
“Well aware of the imminent danger posed by the deteriorating school building, we have tirelessly appealed to the authorities to reconstruct the structure promptly. Shockingly, the authorities claim a lack of available state or private land as the primary reason for their inaction,” he said, adding, “arranging land is also Government’s job not ours”.
In their quest for immediate attention to the perilous state of the school, parents took their concerns to the District Commissioner (DC) of Kishtwar on multiple occasions. Regrettably, they claim, their pleas fell on deaf ears.
Prahlad Bhagat, the CEO of the area, recognized the urgency of the matter and claimed that he recently penned a letter to the Sub-Division Magistrate (SDM) of Marwah, seeking assistance in identifying the suitable land for the reconstruction of the school. But, according to him, the locals’ reluctance to offer their land and pending identification of Government land by the revenue authorities has posed significant obstacles.
When asked about interim measures to ensure the safety of students, Bhagat revealed that he had reached out to the Zonal Education Officer (ZEO) Marwah.
“Unfortunately, his (ZEO’s) efforts to secure an alternative location were in vain due to the unavailability of the land or private building in close proximity to the school,” the CEO Doda said.
The concerned public is now rallying together, demanding immediate action to construct a safe and secure school building, underscoring the urgent need to prioritize the safety and education of these students. The rapid deterioration of the current structure serves as a poignant reminder that time is of the essence, and further delays could lead to severe consequences.