Dignity of federalism

This has reference the article ‘Will Supreme Court do it’ by B L Saraf. The author a distinguished judge and legal expert has given in-depth insight about the edifice of federal system as enshrined in the constitution…Great constitutions can not and should not fall prey to emotional frenzies .At the same time laws of the constitution can not be inanimate to sacrifice helpless communities at the altar of Laws.. ….federalism can not have appendages ,which defies rule of law and equality of states which are part of federation ..A good architecture of Federalism does not have different model for J&K , Nagaland and N Eastern states, special norms for Maharashtra and Himachal and some other states .Politicians justify it and bruise the credibility of Laws .,Parliament has to be sensitive to the aspirations of Federating units and the Honourable Supreme Court has to monitor and supervise the edifice of Constitution ..it has always been the tendency of the Union Governments to accumulate more and more powers ,encroaching upon the area of states ..Let us hope ,Honourable Supreme Court comes with clear cut directions on the ethos and dignity of federalism.
Prof.B L Zutshi