Digiboxx: India’s online cloud storage service

Er. Niraj Dubey
In a step towards promoting the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, the Indian policy think tank NITI Aayog has launched India’s first indigenously developed cloud storage, sharing and collaboration platform DigiBoxx on 22nd of Dec.2020 for desktop, iOS, and Android app support. The platform is purely an Indian digital file storage, sharing, and management SaaS (Software as a Service) product that provides storage options for business as well as individual users of all sizes, to its competitors. According to NITI-Aayog CEO Mr. Amitabh Kant, The DigiBoxx platform claimed to offer SSL file encryption and highlighted that all the data will be stored in India, unlike its foreign competitors by offering 20GB online storage to free users.
Digiboxx lets you manage your pictures, videos, documents, folders, assets on-the-go, on any device. It’s quick, secure, and easy on the pocket. Now collaborate with your photos, files and folders on an Indian Cloud. It allows users to easily share files with an email ID and mobile number. In terms of pricing, Digiboxx provides a very affordable range of plans for individuals as well as business users. For free users (single user), it provides cloud storage of 20GB, with a maximum file size of 2GB, Gmail integration and unlimited external collaborations. For individuals or freelancers, it offers 5TB of storage and 10GB max file size for Rs 30 per month, with Gmail integration and unlimited external collaborations. For small and medium businesses, it offers Rs 999 per month plan with upto 25TB cloud space and 10GB max file size, in conjunction with numerous other offers. Lastly, it offers a customized plan for enterprises with unlimited data storage and accommodating over 501 users. DigiBoxx offers special privileges to all its free as well as business users like advanced real-time collaboration, web document previews, automated account backups to the platform, user management dashboard, and also have the ability to assign expiry dates to files. It allows users to share heavy files with InstaShare, which is a file transfer app that allows you to transfer files to your Mac or iOS device seamlessly, supporting all file types.
DigiBoxx was officially launched on 22nd of Dec.2020 by NITI-Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant, who said it, will give a boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’. The launch of DigiBoxx comes just a few weeks after Google announced that it won’t be offering unlimited free photo uploads starting June 1, 2021. During his speech, he said, “We have created an innovative model through which we are working with multiple Indian Data Centres to achieve these price points. It’s an intelligent mesh created using domestic cloud solutions as disclosed by Arnab Mitra, CEO of DigiBoxx to the media, “The platform is the first of its kind ‘Make in India, Store in India’ digital asset management SaaS product that is in line with the country’s national security and data localization priorities,” All plans support unlimited external collaborators, meaning people who don’t have DigiBoxx accounts can also access the files sent to them. While Commenting on the innovation, he said, “This is indigenous innovation at its best. I have always maintained that the Indian tech industry can be globally competitive in all aspects and DigiBoxx is such an example. In his address he highlighted that the pandemic has further boosted the need for robust and ubiquitous digital asset management services in India in the same way as monetization boosted digital payment. The company claims that the service supports smart tags and users will be able to find any file within seconds. One can share any document, photo or videos from the platform without downloading them again on their device. Thanks to its support for cross-platform, users can access any file immediately and edit them. Users will also get the option to control access with permissions. Additionally, the service allows users to pull back any file that they might have sent to a wrong person.
There is also a feature called InstaShare, which lets users share large files. If a user deletes the data, the service won’t remove it for 60 days, which means they will have time to restore them. DigiBoxx is currently available for Android users only. However, the company has confirmed that the service will soon be made available to iOS users as well. The new India-based cloud storage service is available on its website, but a desktop app is still in the works and is expected to go live soon. A free or paid DigiBoxx user will be required to create an account. Once you open the site, you will be asked to enter your name for your Digispace and then share credentials, including your email address, mobile number, residential address, state and other details. On considering the impact of cyber security perspectives, DigiBoxx claims that the service has connection encryption and all the files stored on its platform are encrypted at a database level.
The company confirmed that all the data is being stored in the country. The service claims to offer support for SSL file encryption. Google is currently offering 15GB free storage space, which includes data of Gmail, Photos, Drive, and other services. For 100GB cloud storage space, the basic subscription of Google One will cost you Rs 130 per month or Rs 1,300 on a yearly basis. Amazon Prime members are allowed to store unlimited photos, but there is a 5GB limit for videos. In case you are unaware, Prime members get free access to Amazon Photos. Non-Amazon Prime members can only get 5GB photo and video storage. MEGA is a cloud storage service, which offers 50GB of free storage space, but only for 30 days. After one month of usage, the company only gives 15GB space. The good thing is you have the option to use this service without entering your banking details. Also, the files and chats are encrypted with keys controlled by you. Now most of India can store, save and share in India without fear of security threats and data localization concerns. The Author,” like to conclude this write-up by hoping that DigiBoxx may geared to provide data protection and contribute to the growth of the digital engagement landscape in India by ensuring that over 5000 engineers and 10 million users are impacted in the near term reiterating our commitment to India.”
(The author is Sr. Faculty (GCET) & Cyber Passionate)