Dialogue on ‘Mental Health Act: Gender and Legal Perspective’ held

Dignitaries during dialogue on 'Mental Health Act: Gender and Legal Perspective' at Jammu on Wednesday.
Dignitaries during dialogue on 'Mental Health Act: Gender and Legal Perspective' at Jammu on Wednesday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 10: On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, The Law School Literary Society University of Jammu in collaboration with YAKJAH Reconciliation and Development Network supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jammu organized a dialogue on ‘Mental Health Act: Gender and Legal Perspective’.
Prof Arvind Jasrotia, Director, Law School, Jammu University shared that mental health is a very broad concept reflected in the way an individual behaves on a daily basis, looks at his/her identity, reacts to external stimuli and sees himself/ herself in relation to the universe. He shared that for one’s mental well being, one must strive to identify individual will along with the cosmic will and act as an agent of cosmic will.
Purnima Dhar, Manager, Women Helpline, J&K shared about the work that the Women Helpline do.
The presentation of Purnima Dhar was followed by a talk by Pooja Uppal, Lawyer on Mental Health Act: A reality check. The loopholes in the act and the problems faced during its implementation were also discussed.
In the question and answer session, the audience asked several questions regarding the Act as well as the working of the Women Helpline, J&K.
Dr Pallavi Sachdeva from the Psychology Department, Jammu University stressed on the need of bringing mental health issue out of closet and talking about it as the stigma associated with mental issues along with the judgemental behaviour towards those suffering from mental illness is what is hindering the society as a whole in countering the rampant spread of mental health problems.
Dr Seema Rohmetra, coordinated the event and moderated the question hour session, wherein she shared the idea of using family space as a solution space in preventing the mental health issues to occur as these can be recognized at their nascent stage in family systems alone and can be countered more effectively.
Earlier, Sabiha Beig, a peace builder volunteer from YAKJAH initiated the dialogue by welcoming the audience. She also briefed everyone with YAKJAH’s profile.
Among others who participated in the discussions included Dr Sapna Sangra, Dr Rajneesh Khajuria and students.
YAKJAH members present during the program were Simran Kour and Akshay Kumar Sharma.