Dhanuka Agritech launches BiologiQ range of products

New Delhi, May 25: Agri-input firm Dhanuka Agritech on Thursday announced its entry into the agri-biological segment with the launch of its BiologiQ range of products.
The company has launched three introductory products — Whiteaxe biological insecticide, Downil biological fungicide, and Sporenil biological wilticide — in the bio-agri segment.
Whiteaxe is a biological solution for white grub, termites, and borers; Downil is for downy mildew, while Sporenil is for control of wilt, rot, and damping.
BiologiQ products can be used individually or in combination with conventional chemical products under an Integrated Pest & Nutrition Management (IPNM) plan to produce powerful results for the crop and the soil.
“This segment is increasing globally, and we see good demand for these products in India as well. We hope that in times to come we will be introducing some more biological products in our BiologiQ range,” Dhanuka Group Managing Director M K Dhanuka said in a statement.
BiologiQ represents a broad category of crop protection, soil health, and plant nutrition products that are derived from nature.
They are a unique range of sustainable solutions developed with the fusion of traditional science and new-age agriculture practices.
BiologiQ portfolio supports 4Rs – Resistance, Residue, Resurgence, and Soil Rejuvenation management with different action modes, resulting in increased crop yield and farm productivity, the company added. (PTI)