DH Samba on crutches

The state of affairs of the management of the District Hospital, Samba are such that people have downgraded it , based on its available facilities, to an ordinary Primary Health Centre. They are , perhaps , right in such assessment as this ‘Hospital’ is without the facilities of the CT scan and even X-ray machines after afternoon hours. Not only this , availability of Doctors in minimum reasonable number too is not seen in this hospital and strangely enough, paramedical students were rendering their ‘services’ due to shortage of Doctors. While patients are inconvenienced and groaning, at the same time concerned authorities are unmoved and in abject inertial mode.
There are other problems too afflicting this hospital to this extent that the people of the area were compelled even to appeal to Governor Satya Pal Malik to issue strict directives to the concerned authorities to run 24 hour CT Scan and X-ray machine facilities in order to prevent people from facing avoidable problems. Vacant posts of Doctors and para-medical staff are not filled. If even district hospitals are run as if on crutches , then the fate of medical facilities in vast areas of our rural sector can well be imagined. Government must look into the affairs of Samba District Hospital at the earliest.