DGCA issues licensing norms for water aerodromes

NEW DELHI: Water aerodromes, where amphibian planes can land and takeoff, are likely to be a reality soon, with aviation regulator DGCA issuing licensing norms for setting up such facilities.

As the Government and airlines look at ways to enhance air connectivity, water aerodromes will help pave the way for operations of seaplanes, which are also known as amphibian aircraft.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the country is expected to witness an increase in area of aircraft operations, including the seaplanes.

“This will also require operation of seaplanes from coastal/ river/ canal as well as terrestrial water bodies.

“Thus, there is a necessity to regulate these water bodies for seaplane operations on regular basis through license by the DGCA,” it said.

In this regard, the regulator has issued the Civil Aviation Requirement (CAR) on procedures and requirements for licensing of water aerodrome. (AGENCIES)