Development of areas along IB

Giving practical shape of its commitment to develop areas along the International Border in specified states of the country, the Central Government has released Rs.638 crore in current fiscal under the ‘Border Area Development Programme’ ((BADP). It is primarily to ameliorate the living conditions of people living in isolated forward locations. The country shares borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
It may be recalled that BADP covers 111 border districts in 17 states to meet special developmental needs of border population with focus on people living within 50 kilometres of the International Border. The programme includes construction of primary health centres, schools, supply of drinking water, community centres, connectivity and drainage to enable sustainable living. The scheme has now been broadened in its ambit and includes schemes and activities related to Swatcha Abhiyan, skill development , promotion of sports, rural tourism, border tourism, protection of heritage sites, construction of helipads etc etc. Road connectivity is being given special attention. Agriculture and organic farming too are promoted under the scheme.
During the financial year 2017-18, the Central Government through the Home Ministry has released Rs. 1100 crore for the all- round development of such villages and the State of Jammu and Kashmir too is getting the due benefit under the scheme as the State has borders both with China as well as with Pakistan.