Developing infrastructure for judiciary

It goes without saying that it is the prime responsibility of the State Government to arrange infrastructure development for judiciary which should be reasonably sufficient to cater to its needs. In this connection, there is a major scheme sponsored by the Central Government to augment the resources of the State Government and it should be left to how it represents its case before the Central Government for releasing funds in time and to press for periodic review as to the number of such sponsored schemes as also the funds related thereto.  Such centrally sponsored scheme by the Central Government was started in the year 1993-94 and continues to be in operation.
Under the centrally sponsored scheme, the whole idea is meant to help the State Government to tide over its financial limitations in execution of projects for providing better infrastructural facilities for the judiciary. The State  is required to meet a paltry share of 10%  of the funded project as margin amount and bear the expenditure on acquisition of land and compensation to the land owners.
Additional spacious court rooms, parking slots, refreshment and wash rooms, residential units for the judges, chambers for the lawyers and the like are ingredients of the infrastructural development in the subject matter. Human resources development, providing adequate man power, full computerization, more litigant friendly space are other  facets of the issue, though most important, too needed to be addressed and encompassed to make the whole gamut of infrastructural development meaningful in the larger and holistic perspective. However, majority of projects aimed at bettering the existing infrastructural position in judiciary in Jammu and Kashmir are ailing or their fate is oscillating between hope and despair.
For the past several years, the fate of 11 key projects for the said purpose is hanging in balance due to shortage of funds. Meagre hike in allocation of funds under Centrally Sponsored Scheme during the current financial year is precluding the Government from taking up new projects recommended by the State High Court.
As to why the Union Law Ministry has not found itself inclined to raise the allocation under the sponsored scheme for the said purpose despite representation from the State Government, even after strongly pleading the case by former Chief Minister is not known. The fact of the matter is that   as against an amount of Rs. 10 crore during the financial year 2017-18 , the allocation stands comparatively increased by Rs. 21 lac only. The view that the Central Government alone should keep on augmenting the allocations as against little efforts made by the State Government in doing so by reallocations and increasing funds position on its own  by upping resources mobilization goes contrary to logic. It is buttressed by the fact that the State Finance Department has itself not given any substantial hike in the annual Budget to the Department of Law and Justice to take care of such projects .
The cycle of forwarding more proposals and projects by the State High Court aimed at providing better infrastructural development matched by limited resources of the State and “inappropriate” hike by the Central Government wouldn’t achieve desired results. It would be difficult to start the work on new projects and proposals as the earlier ones numbering 11 as on date, are in a state of uncertainty. A pragmatic and result oriented approach is required to be adopted by the State in the matter under reference.