Determined to improve Ward, solve problems: Puri

Vacant plots, heavy vehicular traffic main problems

Sanjeev K. Sharma

JAMMU: The Ward Number 54 of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) is facing problems due to few vacant plots in the area apart from the problem of heavy vehicular traffic and absence of parking places in the Ward.
The Ward comprised Trikuta Nagar Sectors 5, 5A, 6, 7, 8, 9 and some area adjoining Railway Colony.
When contacted, some of the locals of the Ward said that vacant plots have become garbage dumps in the area.
“These dumps leave dirty and intolerable smell which affects the adjoining residences badly,” Sunita-a housewife in the locality informed adding that flies and mosquitoes also breed at these dumps and such places have become a health risk for the locals of the area.
“We find some labourers staying at some vacant plots and these people have no toilet facilities at their place of stay so they defecate in open either at some Nallah or elsewhere wherever they find some suitable place and in this way they spoil environment,” Bharat Gupta-a businessman said.
Payal Rani-a teacher said that there is a high vehicular traffic in the area with smoke and noises of horns continuing throughout day disturbing normal life.
She also said that elders and children have to take extra care while walking on such roads in the area and cross them as there is very high traffic.
“The Ward has no parking place especially at community halls while wrongly parked vehicles really create a mess for others,” Raju Sharma-an engineer by profession said.
Another prominent problem of the Ward is the problem of stray animals like cows and dogs.
Suraj-one of the locals when asked said that these animals visit garbage dumps and spread litter thereby spoiling the area.
He also said that sometimes the stray cows sit at the midst of road which then leads to traffic jams.
“The stray dogs are really a terror. At many places there are herds of these canines scaring almost all the passersby especially children and elders,” he further said.
Many other people of the Ward talked about the problems of street lights, cleanliness, sanitation, poor lanes and drains, pollution, security etc.
After the declaration of Neeraj Puri as Corporator of the Ward in Urban Local Bodies elections held last year, people have pinned hopes on him for solution to their problems.
In an interaction with EXCELSIOR, Puri talked about his plans to improve the Ward and solve the problems there.
On the problem of garbage disposal he said, though door to door garbage collection has started in the Ward but same has not been properly implemented.
“Soon I will work to ensure that door to door garbage collection is properly done across the Ward and garbage containers will also be placed at other places,” he said.
He appealed to the public of his Ward to shun the habit of madly throwing of garbage here and there as it created problems for others.
“Black topping of road at some places is needed which I will get done soon,” he said adding that timely cleanliness of a Nallah in the locality is also his priority.
On poor street lights, Puri said that as new electric poles with insulated cables are being erected in the Ward like other places in the city and old ones are being removed to avoid power theft, so these new poles at some places lack street lights.
He also talked about the excessive use of poly bags and said that he will raise issue in the meetings of Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC).
“Soon a campaign against the poly bags will also be started in my Ward,” he said.
On crime in the Ward, he said, barring few stray incidents of theft cases crime is very low in the Ward and addiction is also almost negligible.
“Still care is required to be taken and cops too are required to be alert along with society in this regard,” Puri maintained.
The Corporator informed that he also planned plantation of green trees and plants along the Nallah to make a strip for morning walkers which will also beautify the area.
“This strip may also be used as cycling track for the children of the area,” he also said.
“A dispensary in the Ward is required to be upgraded with more facilities like OPD to tackle emergency and urgent cases,” the Corporator said adding that he will also work in this regard.


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