Detecting and deporting of Rohingyas

It is no longer shrouded in mystery as to how Rohingyas  hailing from distant Mymnar for whatever reasons back home, should leave their country and be straightaway helped to illegally settle in Jammu , Jaipur, Andhra Prasesh, Haryana, Telangana, Western Uttar Pradesh and other parts of the country. Many outfits in India, in the name of empathy, in fact seem to be supporting the arrival and settlement of these illegal immigrants in various parts of the country, even at the cost of disturbing demographic equations besides causing severe strains on socio – political and security related grounds in India. The motivating factors, we are afraid, stem mainly from faith affinities which speaks about foolproof arrangements for their make shift lodging arrangements and other logistic support in areas where they are “asked” to settle immediately on arrival.
It is reprehensible that even some political parties, for vote bank considerations, should openly appear to object to their detection and deportation, quite oblivious of the perils and hazards, which in the wake of their settlement in the country, can heap up. Indistinctness of their stand on a sensitive national issue deserves to be berated especially when on account of such uncalled for stand, these unwanted and illegally arrived foreigners get emboldened and a feeling of being insulated from any action to pack them back.
Jammu is reeling under illegal stay of these people for which an undercurrent of indignation and concern has been brewing in the people with a strong feeling against their stay, those who help them and the Government which appears to have done little in deporting them. As a response to all this brief prelude to the problem, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has made the intentions of the Government clear about their policy towards such illegal immigrants that they had to be deported. Replying to a question in the Rajya Sabha, Union Home Minister reiterated his earlier stand about an advisory having been issued to all such State Governments where these illegal immigrants including Bangladeshi nationals were staying. The advisory was all about submitting relevant data to the union Government before their taking up the issue with Myanmar and Bangladesh Governments. This, according to him, was to get an idea of their exact numbers and ensure that they did not manage to get any supporting documents to claim citizenship.
Here, it would not be out of context to say that there are reports that many such illegal immigrants have already managed to get documents of many forms which would create complications and dilemma in respect of their deportation. In fact, without mincing words, many political, religious and other unscrupulous agencies have brazenly helped them obtain such documents and therefore, the Union Home Minister’s assertion holds little water. There are even political parties which are in power in a few States in the country alleged to indulge in open vote Bank and appeasing politics in the matter and some even vowing to construct pucca hutments for them.
Does the Union Home Ministry not have relevant information about Rohingyas that the reports and data from the State Governments, once received could hasten their detection and deportation? What is the response of the Central Government to developments like West Bengal Commission for Protection of Child Rights filing writ petitions in the Supreme Court against Modi Government’s stand on deportation of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar and calling the decision of the Government as “inhuman”? The question is that in the light of many Rohingya Muslims having links with terror groups, Pakistan’s notorious ISI etc as told by the Government to the Supreme Court, how they continue to stay in India?
Many top legal luminaries of the country are set to defend Rohingyas like Prashant Bhushan who filed pleas on behalf of two illegal Rohingya immigrants Salim Ullah and Shakir with the apex court and holds that Rohingyas cannot be deported at, all citing International Convention on Human Rights.  Kapil Sibal , Rajiv Dhawan, Ashwani Kumar , Colin Gonsalves  etc are other known figures of legal fraternity set to defend  Rohingyas. The Union Government may be, as it appears, quite sincere in deporting these illegally settled foreigners in India, numbering over 50000 but cheap politics, appeasement policies, vote bank considerations and the matter taken to courts, have made things cumbersome for the Union Government. We are watching with concern the entire gamut of the problem with a hope for their early deportation lock stock and barrel.


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