Desperate Kashmir politicians looking for ‘trump card’ in Trump: Dr Jitendra

Excelsior Correspondent

NEW DELHI, July 23: Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said here today that, being down and out with little hope of their political fortunes getting revived, desperate Kashmir-centric politicians are, in vain, looking for a ‘trump card’ in Trump, which they wish could possibly restore their past hegemony.
Speaking to media outside the Parliament House, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is ridiculous that both the separatist leaders as well as the so called mainstream political parties like National Conference (NC) and PDP have suddenly got brightened up and turned active to seek mileage out of wrongly reported remark by US President Donald Trump, which has been denied not only by India’s Minister of External Affairs but also by the American sources.
Even after it has been sufficiently substantiated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had never asked the American President Donald Trump to mediate in Kashmir, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the Congress Party which is trying to raise a bogey of the assumed offer of Trump to mediate in Kashmir, is actually haunted by the ghost memories of the Nehruvian-era, when the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had committed the blunder of carrying the Kashmir issue to United Nations Organization (UNO), even after the signing of the Instrument of Accession by Maharaja Hari Singh. The Congress leaders, he said, have been secretly hoping against hope for several decades to find some excuse to negate the Nehruvian-blunders and when they have been unable to do so, they have taken refuge in the reported observation by Trump, which he had never made.
Hitting out at Kashmir-centric leaders, Dr Jitendra Singh said, both the National Conference and the PDP have exhausted their capacity to hoodwink people through politics of duplicity and continue with their dynasty rule, which is now leaving them desperate to look for imaginary modes of political survival. In the real-time world of today however, he said, the Kashmir of 2019 is comprised of 70% population which is post-90 and has the ability to rationalize issues in the right perspective.
As for the issue of Trump, Dr Jitendra Singh said, there is nothing left to add or comment after the statement made by the Minister of External Affairs on the floor of the Parliament. But the Opposition leaders, who failed to make it to the Lok Sabha in the recently held elections, are now trying to rake up the issue from outside, which is like flogging a dead horse.