Despair and woes of Pakistan on ‘Kashmir’

Some semblance and grains of sense are gradually now making room in the minds and the psyche of Pakistani establishment as neither the United Nations , nor the United States, even nor its ally China have extended an iota of support , moral or diplomatic, to Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. The position has made Pakistanis turning into at their wits’ ends especially when on playing the card of synonymy of religion with the Arab World, they have drawn a complete blank.
While Pakistan Prime Minister has, on August 13 openly confirmed the Balakot strikes by India (and thus providing enough evidence to some desperate Indian opposition parties who wanted ‘proof’) by fearing “we have enough reports that India was contemplating still harsher strikes than the Balakot on Aazad (Gulam) Kashmir”, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi , simultaneously has asked his countrymen not to live any more , now , in any “fool’s paradise” as Islamabad had failed to muster any support from any quarter including “from the Muslim World” against “decision to withdraw special status to Jammu and Kashmir and “you should not live in fool’s paradise and nobody is standing there with garlands in hands, nor anyone is waiting for you.” The question is as to whether Kashmir Hurriyat leaders, the fundamentalist separatists and the militant outfits would still continue to live in any type of fool’s paradise?