Deportation of Rohingyas

Reports that all is set to initiate an exercise to deport thousands of Myanmar Rohigyas who came all the way from their country Myanmar to probably settle in Jammu should allay the fears of majority of the people perturbed with such an illegal entry which contributes towards disturbing the demographic equations of the Jammu region that finally the day of reckoning for such illegal entrants has come nearer. Their ”smooth” landing in Jammu, unfortunately started from the year 2002 right up to 2014 during the rule of the PDP-Congress and NC-Congress Governments respectively. Perhaps, the process would have not been stopped even after 2014 had there not been the change of the guard at the Centre. The new Government seized of the matter had made it known that people having illegally entered into Jammu and Kashmir from Myanmar etc were likely to be deported which led to many of these Rohingyas leave for Uttar Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal and even Bangladesh , again with mala-fide intentions to mix up with the locals to evade deportation.
There are areas like Sunjwan, Belicharana, Samba , Narwal etc in Jammu where their clusters continue to be there and are in concentrated manner. Although their number is stated to be much higher, yet only 6000 of them have so far been identified. The question as to where have others from them gone should be a cause of concern . Many people claim to firmly believe that the remaining number not coming on the radar of identification must have succeeded in melting in some groups of locals or having gone intentionally “missing”. “Holding Centre” created at Hiranagar Jail has received the first batch of 155 nationals of Myanmar while in different parts at M. A. Stadium, their registration has started and when the same is concluded , could more be known about their number. It is worth mentioning that Hiranagar jail had to be vacated for the purpose and to declare it as ”Holding Centre”. The Government is to have two additional “Holding Centres” to accommodate more of them.
The management of housing so many illegal immigrants is not that easy looking to their estimated number to exceed whooping number of 25000 which have necessitated for additional ”Holding Centres” even if it meant extra pressure on the administrative apparatus. Some 500 of them from Karyani Talab Narwal on March 7 decided to leave back for their country Myanmar but after travelling for a few kilometres only, they returned to their habitations . We know that these people have neither any valid travel documents nor any cogent proof of pointed nationality, for that the process of proper verification and even in biometric manner shall be started to pave the way for their deportation. However, we feel the exercise should have started much earlier as during the long period , say past several years they not only have ”established” themselves here but in most of the cases, may have managed to prepare a ground to stake claim under many hues with ulterior motives to ”continue” to live here. There are instances where a few were having fake Aadhar cards , PAN cards and passports etc thus creating more problems.
Since actual deportation process is going to be undertaken by the Union Home Ministry , an understanding must have been reached with the Government of Myanmar by the Government of India where presently military junta is in power and may create impediments or total refusal to get their nationals back. Necessary data compilation , identification and verification process, however, have all to be done to facilitate such deportation for various reasons, firstly beyond the immediate threat to the demographic equations especially these illegal entrants usually promoting larger families or more children . Secondly, many a time these Rohingyas were found involved in committing crimes and even Pakistani terror outfits tried to yoke them in for carrying out terror activities in India as they usually are believed to be radicalised which means oxygen for promoting terrorism. Thirdly, if deportation of Rohingyas does not take place , it would send signals that entering into Indian territories especially border areas like Jammu and Kashmir was easy and facilitated by certain ”over-ground agencies” and some self styled NGOs. Last but not the least, identifying and punishing those ‘elements from within’ is absolutely necessary who facilitate such aliens enter into the country , transporting and harbouring them especially when in many advanced countries such helping and harbouring is a serious crime carrying a prison term of 5 to 10 years.