Deportation of illegal immigrants demanded

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 5: A meeting of Sangram Sena was held here today under the chairmanship of R.K Raina, its president and Kapil Sharma, president Dogra Liberation Front.
Speakers in the meeting expressed concern over the Government allegedly allowing Bangladeshis and other illegal immigrants to settle in Jammu region of J&K.
They claimed that these illegal immigrants have virtually settled in Jammu and have even procured ration card with the help of some then leaders of Jammu who for their vested interests to provide facilities to the illegal immigrants.
Speaking in the meeting R.K Raina said successive leaders of Jammu never thought for the region but sold interest of Jammu for their selfish ends.
He also claimed that allowing illegal immigrants to settle in Jammu city is suicidal for Jammu people.
Raina said continuing of the illegal immigrants in Jammu will prove dangerous for entire J&K and may take an ugly turn which can’t be controlled.
He demanded deportation of Bangladeshis and other illegal immigrants from J&K and urged upon the LG and his Advisors for taking steps in this direction.
Dr. Rampal Sharma, president Dogra Liberation Front; Rajesh Banathia, chief organiser; Bhushan Gupta, chief advisor; Raju Jamwal, president Ward 8; Dr. A.K Chopra, district Jammu president; Rajesh Langer, president Ward 10; Shiv Kapoor, state secretary Sangram Sena; Th. Vishal Singh, president Sangram Sena youth wing; Arjun Singh, Panch Nagrota; advisor Sangram Sena, Th. Ravi Singh; Panch Kamini, Sudhir Padha, chairman, Divine Touch and others were also present in the meeting.