Demonetisation or De-Modi-tisation

Karanvir Gupta
While for some, it would have been a great year and for some (the presstitutes) it has been a year of dismay where “Modi Made Disaster” has wreaked havoc on the people of the nation. I ask; which disaster? Which people are we talking about? Only if we are talking about the black money of the elitist, I shall agree to it. I wish such a disaster to have happened earlier. However I am appalled by the apathy of media towards any other issues across the nation and the globe. It seems to me that rest everything is going super awesome everywhere and demonetization has caused apocalypse in our nation.
Interestingly, most of the news channels are talking about the repercussions of the demonetization and no one seems to be bothered about why the step has been taken and what positive impact it can cause in the long term. Their concern seems to be why it was such a secret mission. There could have been prior notice so that “public” could have been “prepared”. And I assume when they say public – they are talking about those who have coffers filled in with black money and while referring to preparation, they intend to say that the black money could have been sorted.
There has been lot of ranting about the inconvenience caused to the public as they had to stand in queues – long queues for hours just to exchange/take their money. I do not disagree with this fact and nor do I disagree with the fact that there are troubles for people who are daily wagers and labour class for whom all the transaction and source of money is cash. They have been at the forefront of facing issues because that money brings them basic necessities. But then nobody ever said it was going to be easy.This brings me to the point of being graciously thankful to the bank employees who have been on their toes helping the public in the best possible manner.
Any change or transition for that matter is met with some resistance and seemingly inconvenience which is quite temporary in nature. And a change which is at such a large scale is bound to cause some ripples. Now there have been questions that how stopping 500 and 1000 rupee denomination notes stop corruption. Obviously not! Corruption is a by-product of our culture and manner in which we deal with our day-to-day activities. And the tool used for that transaction is money. Indirect, subtle; but there is a correlation there.
On a broader spectrum, the whole movement (Yes, I would like to call this a movement) is intended to foster a Digital Economy. And no it doesn’t imply that your right of transacting in cash is being snatched. While our country develops and progresses, it is important that it has characteristics and vision of being a developed nation. It is a step towards making all the good things accessible to the last mile. Because once the person at the last mile is able to pay for goods and services, the businesses will also find their ways to the last mile. At the end of the tunnel – it will be a win-win situation.
Many trolls have been made which depict this movement to be in consonance with the benefits of Future Group, Star Bazaar and other organized retail outlets. How ignorant and naïve! Please calculate in your heads that how much money do we spend while buying vegetables and other basic grocery items; not something that can snatch away business from our local grocery stores and something that can’t be dealt in cash. The whole claim is a farce! On the other hand we should help ourselves and our helpers, uneducated people around us in being aware about the modes in which digital payment can be done. There are debit cards, credit cards, wallets, UPI app, and soon to be made Aadhar card enabled payment, etc. Quite reflective that if we all stand together, we can overcome the temporary pain and fructify the long term gains.
I as an observer scoff when I see media discussing this issue because I wonder if they are talking about Demonetisation or De-Modi-tisation. Because there is more about how ruthless and how bad a step has been taken by him – the Prime Minister and the Government rather than about the demonetization itself. Rhetoric may it sound but all this instigation comes from the group of people who have been involved in Augusta Westland, 2G, Coal-gate, CWG, Bofors, Vadra DLF, Adarsh scam, etc. Need I say more?
Besides standing in queue patiently, it is also our duty to know the facts and not believe farce claims and propaganda against the ‘notebandi’, as they like to call it. It amazes me that people who are so bad with their political debates and extempore find amusing jargon for such situations. Right now all I am waiting is for the earthquake to happen which shall take us all in!
The debates shall go on, the anti-Modi trumpet will be blown, the dynamic country of ours – India continues to be alive and moving and so do our representative remains undeterred!With this wishing you all readers out there a warm welcome to the Digital Economy and the year 2017 where we shall be completing 70 years of our Independence.
(The writer is an IIM Shillong Alumnus)