Democracy deferred in J&K

We, the people of Jammu and Kashmir, have though been allowed to exercise our democratic mandate to elect members of parliament to form national government but with an exception of delay in formation of duly elected state government for reasons unknown to us. In a democratic set up like ours, it is beyond understanding of a common man as to how the Election Commission of India finds conducive conditions to conduct National election and not the State election, this smells something unusual in it. Premature withdrawal of support by BJP to PDP made the coalition govt. to fall on 19 Jun 2018 giving way to imposition of alternate mode of governance i.e. Governor Rule. No doubt, this is provided in the constitution to deal with such political crisis with an exception to restore democratic process at the earliest. However, it is well known fact that no visible effort has been made by the concerned authorities to form duly elected government for last 12 months whereas election commission has earned credit of holding peaceful panchayat and local bodies elections in the state besides the recently concluded general elections. Hence, democracy remains deferred in Jammu and Kashmir without any visible reason.
Indian Republic democracy basically stands for a government formed by the elected representatives of public and not for any other method of governance as a routine. Holding citizens away from their democratic right does lead to public cry which ultimately hurts solemn faith of the people of India towards Constitution of India. The present spell of President Rule is also about to expire and no decision has yet been made for holding Legislative Elections despite visits of Election Commission and a firm confirmation by Home Minister to provide sufficient security forces for peaceful conduct of state elections. Absence of democratically elected government causes irreparable loss to the welfare of the state needs no emphasis. We at the same time fail to understand the reasons for delay in rehabilitating the democratic process to hold Legislative Elections in Jammu and Kashmir. Extension of President’s Rule may provide temporary solution for six months more but it will not exempt holding of elections for long. It is therefore urgent and in the larger interest of the state to hold elections at the earliest unless the very spirit of democracy starts diminishing. Democracy deferred for long time due to petty political interest may cause long term effect on the psychology of voters. Let us all join hands in strengthening our republican democracy and leave no chance for anyone to exploit it for his interest. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
WgCdr(Retd) Mahesh Chander Sudan
Sainik Colony Jammu