Demand of AIIMS in Jammu now settled case: PDP

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug  4: Strongly condemning Congress and National Conference leadership for politicizing the settled issue of AIIMS in Jammu region, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today said that after announcement of the Union Health Minister, J P Nadda there was no justification to continue the stir because demand of the people has already been fulfilled by the Centre.
In a joint statement issued here today, senior leaders of the PDP cautioned the people against nefarious designs of Congress and National Conference because after losing power, both the parties were trying to create hurdles in the functioning of the  PDP-BJP Government.  They said leaders of neither Congress, nor NC are well- wisher of the people of the State and their only aim is to befool the people for cheap politics.
“Leaderships of the both the parties is trying to instigate people on a settled issue”, they said and sought reply from the Congress leaders regarding steps taken during the last six years to improve health infrastructure in Jammu region.
“From 2008 to 2014 Health Ministry was under Congress ministers, both at State and in the Centre but nothing has been done to improve health infrastructure in Jammu region”, they said and regretted that instead of taking some effective steps to provide basic health facilities to the people of the State, Congress ministers had rather made hospitals and health centers  as battle fields to score political points to undermine their political rivals. Congress leadership is answerable for the deteriorating positions of health centers all across the State.
Taking a dig at NC leadership for condemning police action on agitating people, PDP leaders said that NC has lost moral authority to speak about police action because NC leadership had shamelessly presided over gruesome killing of 120 youth in Kashmir Valley in the year 2010. It was the same party during whose regime lathi-charge and atrocities  on protestors was a routine affair, be it in Jammu or in Kashmir Valley.
PDP leaders further said that demand for AIIMS for Jammu has been fulfilled and hence there was no justification in continuing agitation spearheaded by AIIMS Coordination Committee.
While making an appeal to the people of Jammu to not get misled on the issue of AIIMS by the malicious campaign of Congress and NC, they said that the same has been sanctioned by the Union Health Minister. They said that confusion is being created by political parties like NC and Congress just to score political points.
Signatories of the statement included S Rangil Singh,  Daman Bhasin,  Ved Mahajan,  Shanti Devi, Yashpal Sharma- MLC, Firdous Tak- MLC, Surinder Choudhary- MLC, Hussain Ali Wafa, Hamid Choudhary,  Jatinder Bhat and  S Sukhvinder Singh.


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