Delination exercise

The best way to end discrimination with Jammu region must start with Delimination of Assembly constituencies. Jammu region has suffered tremendously during last seven decades due to faulty delimitation of constituencies. The inadequate representation has resulted in underdevelopment of region in terms of infrastructure and facilities to citizens, low employment in Government department and less financial allocation. The people of Jammu would be quite happy if delimitation exercise is carried out before conducting Assembly elections in the State. Hope the concerned quarters won’t wait till 2026 when the delimitation date will expire.
Surinder Manhas
India gained
There are many writers and intellectuals who peddle jaundiced views without an iota of awareness of ground reality and morality. India has gained, is in ascent and the trend and tendency now is irreversible. Paradise lost for vote merchants, power dealers, corruption addicts and many more of evil self-centred nature. Time to cheer up and stay upbeat about better and better times!
Paawun Pangotra
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