Delimitation in Jammu

Apropos Prasenjeet Kumar’s article, ‘Why Delimitation No Panacea for J&K’ published in DE on 5th July 2019. His views, on the very outset, are antithesis of what is our wish-list. But the justification is convincing. Since delimitation is selling like hot potatoes these days, the article must have been widely read. I am impressed by the logical analysis of the author. While profoundly wanting delimitation on the table before the impending election, I can’t overlook the fact that when there is a better and easier option for the same objective, why pursue the difficult proposition. Delimitation is a complex and lengthy exercise, no doubt, as also stated by the Governor in a press conference after meeting the Home Minister. It indeed is. Undertaking an exercise which may be counter-productive is not the style of this govt.
When writing on the wall is clear, the wisdom lies in discovering an alternative. I applaud the wisdom of the author in suggesting ‘Trifucation of J&K’ instead as better option to the ‘K’ imbroglio because the problem is in Kashmir only, not in Jammu and Ladakh. His solution is, “split J&K into three states; Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh”. His fears; (i) likelihood of longer time in trifurcation when the need is urgent, (ii) what if the govt of J&K says No to it, (iii) Will Jammu and Ladakh be able to survive as independent entities and (v) what will happen to Kashmir; are valid. Prasenjeet Kumar, a renowned author has given answers to these questions in his book, ‘Kashmir is Free’. He sums it up by stating that the process of trifurcation is much simpler than delimitation and hence a damn good idea. “Once you trifurcate, you can easily laser focus on cancerous part and deal with it with all the resources at your command”, he is said to have advised premier Modi.
Govt should focus on trifurcation than delimitation, is his recommendation. Therefore wisdom lies in localising the problem and then solving it. He has written 30 books, 6 on ‘K’ issue. His experience and wisdom is handy. Let the govts at the centre and state use it to find ways to trifurcate the state. J&K must be taken out of the current rut. For that Prasenjeet Kumar ji will certainly contribute the most. And if delimitation is on the table, before that 6 to 8 Assembly Seats, out of vacant 24, be defrozen for the POJK Refugees as one seat was defrozen in 1977 to create Mendhar Constituency. Also 2 seats of the valley be transferred to Jammu for Kashmiri migrants before delimitation. This was explained to the Governor on 29th November 2018 by Ch. Lal Singh, Chairman Dogra Swabhiman Sangathan. It is in Sangathan’s 25 point Vision Document. I wish Prasenjeet Kumar gives his recommendations on this issue as well.
Col J P Singh
Gandhinagar, Jammu.