Delhi elections

This refers to editorial ” What (not) meets the eye! Delhi Elections” (DE 20th Feb 2020).I disagree with the writer on most of the points he has made.The writer puts national interest above every issue.I would like to highlight this point that national interest does not only amount to fighting cross border terrorism but also providing better education, healthcare and other facilities and ultimately serving the students and the citizens who ultimately contribute to nation building.
Under the garb of national interest, the people of our UT J&K have been deprived of the basic right of internet.Today ,we see the misuse of laws like NSA and PSA on all those who do not agree with the government.Dissent is healthy for any democracy and at the same time it should be within the constitutional laws.AAP’s victory is not only attributed to the ‘freebies’ but also to a large extent by the vicious campaign run by the BJP.Maybe, the BJP would have fared better if it hadn’t made such communal statements as made by the Union ministers.
Gunjyot Singh
R.S Pura, Jammu