Delaying CBI probe gives time to Dogras get united: Lal Singh

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 27: Former Minister and senior BJP leader Ch Lal Singh today said that delaying CBI probe into Rassana case  would give more time to Dogras to get united.
Addressing a large ‘Dogra Sawabhiman Rally’ at Satwari Chowk in Jammu today, Ch Lal Singh said that Dogras are known for self pride in the world. It is very good move that  they are  getting united. He said that a massive  campaign has been launched by him to create awareness among the Dogras.  Click here to watch video It is good to see all of them getting united. As the Government is causing delay in announcing CBI probe into Rassana kidnapping and murder case of minor girl, the people of Jammu are getting more time in getting united.
Targeting media for highlighting abuses against the Chief  Minister Mehbooba Mufti, he said, “What is your (to media) relation with the Chief Minister? Mehbooba is my sister. We (Lal Singh and Mehbooba Mufti) have relationship of brother and sister. If a sister takes wrong decision, is it not the duty of a brother to correct his sister? We still treat you (Mehbooba) sister,” Lal Singh added.
Referring to the Dogras and their role, Lal Singh said Dogras live for self  pride. They are most secular people and have proved during time to time. Even many Kashmiri leaders say that in Jammu they witness the most secular character. He said Jammu has history of accepting all those who migrated due to militancy or other reasons from Kashmir or other areas.
But the people of Jammu have suffered a lot on many respects whether it is development, recruitment,  tourism or other sectors. He said that people of Jammu should get united for their common cause. It is high time that they get united not only on Rassana issue but all  other issues related to discrimination meted out to  them. He said when the things move in normal and peaceful way, there should not be attempts to disrupt the system. It leads to ultimate exposure of the people behind it. He said the people of Jammu should take the cue from the people targeting  and maligning their image and bounce back to teach them  appropriate lession.


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