Delay in package

Out of the frying pan into the fire, exactly coincides with the fact, how after seven decades of waiting, the package sanctioned  by the Govt, is deliberately being delayed to be paid to the beneficiaries, concerned. Months together passed. Okayed files, are still in the air and the families concerned are very eagerly and impatiently waiting for the payment. Obviously, it appears that the process of disbursement is lacking interest and enthusiasm to help all those who were forced to leave their hearth and homes. With bullet scars on their back, these unfortunates (Refugees), were made to cross the POK, and the tragic life they passed all these years since 1947, is a beggar’s description. And now, when something is done by the existing Govts at the Centre and the State, the attitude of the  authorities at the helm of affairs for early disbursement of the package, doesn’t seem much encouraging and helpful.
If the same speed is maintained, several more years would be witnessed before the package is disbursed. The concerned authorities are, therefore, requested to expedite the process so that no more delay occurs in payment of the amount to the concerned families.
Yours etc…
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunderbani)


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