Degrading Moral Ecosystem

Moral values and graciousness, in past, were prominent in most teenagers, but today they have thrown it out of the window of their immoral homes. Majority of the youths then learnt respect, courtesy, consideration, decency, propriety, honesty and righteousness from a very young age and had enough self-discipline to hold these values. But now, these listed values have slowly faded away, as they mean little to these adolescents, as moral values and self-discipline are on the verge of vanishing. It is well said that children are the reflection of their parents and when they step outside, with them they carry all the moral ethics and values that have been bestowed upon them by their guardians. But, it is undoubtedly the dire need of the hour to make them understand that, to involve in the act of bullying, to mock at others, feel privilege in using abuse tone, is not at all the act of morality or manners. They display extremely bad ethics and treat their immoral actions lightly. Their deteriorating moral state of mind is on acme now-a-days and no wonder their guardians are least bothered about it too. No doubt, they want to provide their wards with the best possible, but then it reminds me of an amazing saying that, “If you want to spoil your child, just pamper him/her a little and always provide him with the optimum comfort zone.” The more they fetch comfort, the more they get spoiled,that is why in the circles of delicacy their lives have been coiled. We often find people complaining about the polluted nature and minds of the young generation, who have no grains of gratitude in themselves, have lost the feeling of reverence for elders and their thinking is actually growing infertile day-by-day. And this is the reason that,their upbringing is getting rusty and thoughts are becoming dusty.
So, here guardians have pretty vital role to play, as they have to take extra care of the activities of their wards, the way they behave, the way they are leading their lifestyle and the most important their code of conduct not just with them, but how they are outside with others too. It is really well said that the home is the first school of any child and just imagine if that first school is not nurturing the child with its best moral concepts, then what kind of image or reflection that child is going to take outside the home of his guardians. So, degrading moral ecosystem of today’s generation is a matter to ponder upon and it is also pretty important to water its roots with proper values, attention and psychological understanding, so that the tree that grows later on must be a boon for the social environment, rather than a curse or threat for the society.
Pinaki Bakshi
Love, devotion and sacrifice are basic ingredients of moral values. One can’t claim to have possessed of such values without these elements. Moving on 14 years exile of Bhagwan Ram Ji on the command of his father, Raja Dushrath, not sitting on the throne by Bharat, when asked to rule, and carrying old and blind parents on shoulders to the places of pilgrimage by Sarvan Kumar, are glaring examples of true relationship between parents and sons, and depicts a beautiful picture how a brother should be. In the present era of materialism, such incidents have become unimaginable and unbelievable.
Lowering graph of moral values has disturbed our social fabric. The relations that used to be warm and sweet have gone dry and bitter. The parents, generally feel isolated and neglected. The evenings of their life get further darkened when own children, for whom every right and wrong is done, feel burdened of them. The supreme relation of brotherhood created from a single womb, turns, pale, when self-interest and mine and thine arises. The oldies, once treated with regards, are cared least, even by own progeny, Govt officials, paid heavily from Govt exchequer, keep eyes on others pockets. Scams, embezzlements and deception of various nature are done unhesitatingly. Morality having been sunk into the deep sea, everything has gone tasteless. To overcome all these maladies, propagation of moral values can’t be overemphasised.
Keshwa Nand Sharma
Salehri (Sunder Bani)