Deferred meetings and fake undertakings

At the outset, should it not be incumbent upon all those who are supposed to be the constituents of a proposed Government meeting to invariably be present and to deliberate, discuss, suggest and decide as per the agenda fixed? If it is so, who would account for most of the Administrative Secretaries usually taking such meetings casually due to which postponement or deferment takes place which means inordinate delay in making decisions. The second part of the issue is how things of importance that matter in governance are again taken so lightly that even fake undertakings about some projects by two important Government departments are furnished so that sanction was accorded to them by the designated High Powered Committee. Once sanctioned, the financial institution set up for financing languishing projects, viz Jammu and Kashmir Infrastructure Development Finance Corporation Limited (JKIDFCL) had to make the payment, other things remaining equal. As if such a dishonest act committed by the concerned officials was any less, no action has so far been taken against them when the hype about zero tolerance against corruption keeps on virtually echoing from the top Government functionaries.
Since such languishing projects are not only decades old but more in number too and many have already been completed simply because of providing of funds by the JKIDFCL but there are many which have been started again without the approval of the designated Committee and to streamline the procedural process and in accordance with the Financial Code, such projects had to be discussed in a meeting where Administrative Secretaries of two key departments were not present though requested well in time. That resulted in not only the deferment of the meeting but what action could be taken against the officials who had submitted fake undertakings to the High Powered Committee also could not be decided. Was the absence conspicuously deliberate just to hoodwink any process to take action against fake undertaking givers, is the moot question which needs clarification.