Defence production

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has informed that the Government has set a challenging target of achieving a turnover of $26 billion in our defence production by the end of the year 2025. While achieving the target does not seem to be unrealistic but one more thing is worth noting in that impetus is on more of indigenous production of items required for our defence forces and less dependence on costly imports.
That means a huge investment required to be made in the indigenous sector not only to give a push to production but on research , innovation and up-gradation of technology as well to produce that weaponry and allied material which are required by the forces in tune with the latest weapons available through imports from other countries. It is heartening to note that the Government is contemplating to invest $10 billion at the outset in this sector. Apart from manufacturing defence items on a larger scale, what is most important equally is the employment component which it brings along with it. It is estimated that nearly three million employment opportunities would result in the process within a period of five years. Defence Investment Cell in the Defence Ministry must address bottlenecks in investment portfolio and bring in private sector too in the process of defence production although its past track record has not been up to the mark.