Decision to repeal Habitual Offenders Act likely soon: Govt

NEW DELHI, Jan 4: A commission formed to examine repealing the Habitual Offenders Act will submit its report in a couple of days after which a final decision will be taken in this regard, Union Minister Krishan Pal Gurjar said today.
His statement came after members in the Rajya Sabha raised questions about the law, which they said stigmatised certain communities as criminals.
Responding to the questions, Gurjar, the Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, said it was true that even today they were considered offenders.
“A commission that was formed in 2015 made a reference in this regard. In a couple of days, a final report will come and definitely the Government will act in this regard,” the minister said.
He said this was an old law and the commission had in its report referred to this aspect.
“The final report is expected in two days. I think a proposal to repeal this Act will come and the government is favour of repealing this act,” Gurjar said.
He said a commission, popularly known as Renke Commission, was formed in 2008 but it had not recommended the repeal of the Habitual Offenders Act. (PTI)


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