Decide about pending suspension cases

Why should employees of the State Government, once placed under suspension be not decided either way after some reasonable time is what the State High Court has directed the State Government about. It is a natural corollary that suspension denotes a temporary phenomenon which could not be allowed to remain in the same state indefinitely.
The services of an employee are placed under suspension on account of host of reasons which inter-alia, demands periodic review by the authorities which should not be protracted and kept pending to the whims and pleasures of the “bosses” as in the instant case, one of numerous, the suspension of an ‘aggrieved’ employee is undecided even after forty years. It was unbelievable being displaying of sheer inaction and apathy. The Court has not passed any order against those responsible for inaction over the years but has asked them to treat the court’s displeasure as a ‘warning’. Four months time has been given to the Government to settle pending suspension cases of the concerned employees. We would like to see the Government complying with the court’s directives within four months.