DDC polls

Refer news item ‘PAGD releases 2nd list of candidates for DDC polls, rules out differences’ DE Nov 16, 2020.
The presence of some former senior bureaucrats, ministers and political bigwigs have made DDC polls quite interesting and lively. Had not these former big wigs jumped into election fray, DDC polls would have become dull, and a one sided affair.
Whosoever emerges winner in these closely contested elections should work sincerely for the cause of people of the newly created Union Territory. These elections promises should not remain a rhetoric but become a reality. People generally are fed up with politicians, not believing what they say. This is due to shattered faith in elections and politicians. Besides, DDC polls are a step towards bringing democracy at the grassroot level – a dream come true for the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.
It will take pretty long time for the Panchayat Raj Institutions to flourish in this part of the country. Earnest efforts are to be made to lay a strong foundation for PRIs in the UT. In case foundation is not strong the whole purpose of empowering people at grass root level will be defeated. And it would be a great loss to the UT.
Arvind Sharma