Darbar Move tradition

Darbar move in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir stood as tradition since long. Srinagar remained summer capital Jammu winter capital. Two capitals did official business bi-annually while moving Darbar six months to Srinagar and six months to Jammu. In this exercise of Darbar move, Govt exchequer had to bear huge burden which could not be overlooked. This practice also used to consume lot of time and at times files would go missing. Now the present dispensation in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir has put an end to this shifting of Darbar which has saved our exchequer about Rs 200 crore every year. Around 10,000 Govt employees working in Civil Secretariat used to move twice every year that would disturb their family life. Putting an end to Darbar move is a bold step the Govt of UT of Jammu and Kashmir has taken, keeping in view the welfare of the people.
There are some people who raise fingers against the Govt and make pleas for continuation of Darbar move for which the Lt Governor has categorically declared that the continuation of Darbar move does not arise. On completion of the e-office Lt. Governor had said there was no need to continue the practice of Darbar move and ordered the workforce to vacate the Govt accommodation at the twin capitals as early as possible. This move of our Govt will precipitate development in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
S N Raina