Dachnipora Water Supply Scheme

Again, customary ‘paucity’ of funds withthe State Government has hit an impor-tant water supply scheme affectingmore than a dozen villages at Dachniporearea of Pahalgam in Anantnag district insouth Kashmir but by proxy as the scheme isCentral Government funded. Pahalgam, oth-erwise brimming with natural sweet water inabundance, can have shortage of drinkingwater in these villages denotes only an unre-sponsive administration, more so when thescheme is under construction for the last tenyears and is adequately funded by the UnionMinistry.A joke with the handling of National RuralDrinking Water Programme of Ministry ofDrinking Water and Sanitation, the scheme isincomplete in all respects but the same is shownas ‘complete’ on the concernedweb of the IMIS.The mismatch between the information on theconcerned web and the actual facts has result-ed in stopping of any ‘further’ funds from theCentral Government. Access to clean, goodquality potable water should be everybody’sright which many villagers of the adjoining areaincluding those from Kullar, Sallar, Wularhamaand Gudroo are denied due to an avoidableadministrative goof which needs to beaddressed at the earliest.