Cyber safety guide for students

In order to inculcate safe and healthy on-line habits among the most vulnerable student community of classes 9 to 12, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has very rightly come up with safety manual and other security related guidelines for them . It is commonly known as to how cyber bullying and stalking and other undesirable bullying and similar tactics indulged in by cyber cheats was draining out the best from out of the cyber and on-line facilities and its utilities, impairing the freedom and digital rights of users hence the need of a proper manual and Do’s and Don’ts for the student community.
There could have been no better occasion to prepare this manual as students on account of the prevailing pandemic conditions across the country are not attending physically their classes hence making use of on-line learning as also teachers engaged in coaching through that medium has become the need of the hour. The manual talks about digital ‘citizenship’- digital access, literacy, communication, etiquette, health, rights, freedom and responsibility , security and law, ie; all important to be known about and getting acquainted with. On the other hand, it covers issues related to cyber crimes like bullying, harassment, online sexual abuse, cyber radicalisation and the like. Choosing the right website and the one which could be trusted too, is worth knowing by the scholar students and the efforts of the CBSE in this sphere are commendable.