Cyber crimes

We do not lag behind others in committing cyber crimes year after year. It speaks of our low morality and least care for the law of the land. The Home Ministry has reported that no fewer than 71,780 cyber frauds were reported in 2013, while 22,060 such cases were reported in 2012. There have been 62,189 incidents of cyber frauds till June this year. Hacking, publication of obscene contents, credit card and banking frauds among other cyber crimes have registered an annual increase of more than 40 per cent in the country in the past two years. Other cases include phishing, scanning, spam, malicious code and website intrusions. However, it has to be noted that India cannot be singled out for these crimes; there are other countries which have been following suit. We remember how China tried to use cyber skills to steal sensitive information from the US. India is a fast growing economy and the chances of cyber crimes are more here than in any other country. We would like to emphasize on our security system to ensure that cyber crimes are controlled effectively. We cannot afford to turn Nelson’s eye to the cyber crimes because doing so would encourage the miscreants to go a long way in damaging the interests of the country and her people. There should be strict watch over the cyber cafes and the end users should be asked to get themselves registered with local police authorities of the localities where they want to work either in cyber cafes or from home. After all, surveillance has to be mounted to control the crime.