CVC for random scrutiny of private contracts by ministries

NEW DELHI: The Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) has asked all ministries to randomly choose contracts of both large and small values for a detailed examination in an effort to check corruption.

The examination will be done by Chief Vigilance Officers (CVOs), who act as a distant arm of the CVC, of the ministries.

“Each CVO shall carry out Intensive Examination (IE) of not less than six contracts of different nature (supply, works, services, etc), contract values, activity centres and areas in a year.

“Preferably, selection should be done in a manner that, at least, three contracts of large value, two contracts of medium value and one contract of small value are selected for IE,” it said in a fresh guidelines issued today.

The value of the contracts may be judiciously categorised to decide the large, medium or small value contracts, by the CVOs, keeping in view the scale of procurement activities and nature, in the organisation, it said. (AGENCIES)


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