Customers badly hit with Airtel’s poor mobile phone, internet services

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Sept 18: Thousands of customers of the Airtel Company in Jammu area have been badly hit with `very poor’ Mobile phone and internet services of the company.
For the last over two weeks, the quality of services of the Airtel company, has been deteriorated to such an extent that mobile phone and internet users associated with the Company are fed up and thinking to switch over to some other company with better services in the Jammu region.
The `Excelsior office’ received innumerous calls from the customers of this company during last one week, alleging that repeated call drops, no voice even after connecting calls, breaking voice etc are the common defects these days. The internet service is also very poor/ slow for the last few weeks. The internet users are feeling duped by the company.
One Sanjeev Kumar from Janipur area of Jammu told the `Excelsior’ that earlier, he was using BSNL services for the last so many years. He switched over to Airtel about two years ago after finding good services of the Airtel Company. Even on his advice, about a dozen colleagues of his office, also switched over to Airtel but now they all are feeling cheated.
Kumar pointed out that `call drop’, and `no sound after maturing call’ and `breaking voice’ are the most common defects these days. He said even the Internet service is slower than 2G these days. Sanjeev claimed that he lodged his complaint in Jammu office of the Airtel about a week ago but no senior official of Airtel company in Jammu region seems to be bothered about the sufferings of the customers.
Another customer, Anil Kumar from Roop Nagar area said,” If call drops or no sound is heard from the other end even after call is matured, the company meter will continue to rob the poor and hapless customers while he/ she will not be able to get the services. This is `clear theft’ on the pockets of the hapless customers by the Airtel Company which is not ready to mend its ways and improve services.”
Anil said in the absence of Consumer Court after the abrogation of Art 370 in J&K, over 1.25 crore people in J&K and Ladakh UTs have been left to suffer badly even by the BJP Govt and LG Administration. The people have no alternative platform to approach for their grievances while the District and Divisional Administration have gone on silent mode in this regard. The top officers in the UT Administration are also not serious about the sufferings of the public. Many people alleged that they conveyed their concern to the company officials on the numbers available on their site but their response was not encouraging and no improvement was found even after lodging complaints. There is none to listen to their woes while company continues to rob the customers of their hard earned money.