CUJ organizes panel discussion on ‘LoC Crisis-Way Ahead’

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Nov 7: The Central University of Jammu organized a panel discussion on the topic ‘LoC Crisis – Way Ahead’.
The contemporary and burning issue was moderated by Prof Sanjay Chaturvedi from Punjab University, Chandigarh. The panel also included Prof Parikshit Manhas and Dr Munir Alam from Jammu University and Dr J Jegan Naathan.
Prof Sanjay Chaturvedi initiated the discussion by highlighting the India Pakistan relations which evolved under the shadow of partition. He also emphasized on the geo political role and its two aspects i.e. state centric and people centric. Further he discussed city based diplomacy and engagement of people in foreign policy. In the light of city based diplomacy he encouraged the Jammu Kashmir Government and people to contribute in the making of the foreign policy. He suggested the gathering to not allow the line to control their lives but to make the line as blurred as possible.
Prof Parikshit Manhas highlighted that mobility is the basic way of removing all crisis and basic sufferers of the crisis are the common people and stakeholders. According to him three major methods would help reduce the crisis; trade, education and tourism. He believes that if the economic condition is stable the border issues can be resolved even more smoothly. Trade and interaction between people would inculcate economic interest in the common people.
Dr Jegan Naathan pondered upon the questions like, why border violations and crisis within the States have intensified and how should one assess the response of the Indian Government. He emphasized different strategies of the new Indian Government to isolate Pakistan from the other nations and make it loose its negative strength and to reassert the supremacy and role of India in South Asia.
Prof Muneer Alam from Jammu University emphasized on the internal dynamics of Pakistan and the issues related to how Pakistan army compels their people to cross the line of control. He highlighted the innumerable challenges faced by the Government including economy crisis and fight against the terrorism. He said that LoC is sheer frustration of Pakistani armed forces.


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