CT Technocrats make ‘AABBS’, expandable car

Excelsior Correspondent

Students of CT Polytechnic posing for a photograph with their 'AABBS', an expandable car.
Students of CT Polytechnic posing for a photograph with their 'AABBS', an expandable car.

JAMMU, Apr 25: Students of CT Polytechnic have left everbody stunned by making a car that changes its length as per need. In other words a flexible car that fits in every space like over-parked lots, heavy traffic and a tiny garage.
The car can transform itself from four seated to two seated in few seconds with just a turn of hydraulic lever.
The idea is the brain child of final year Automobile Engineering students (Ashwani, Abhishek, Badal, Bhumit and Sunnish Srivastava) who have taken initiative to find a solution for ever increasing traffic kiosks and congested vehicle parking lots.
The magical transformation has been made possible by centrally located hydraulic unit that stretches the vehicle with the help of guide railing with roller arrangements, providing 18“ full extension length. The longitudinal member slides over guides with low friction rollers to provide drawer like fitment. The floor panel is also reinforced to provide a rigid base structure. The exhaust system is also retuned and redesigned to suit the alterations.
The additional feature of the car is less turning radius on compact mode ie @ 3.8 metre, that further increases the maneuverability. The project cost of the car is 1.2 lakhs.
The entire body of AABBS consists of Pre-preg composite, a modern plastic material while the engine is the same as Maruti 800. At fully stretched the vehicle provides more legroom space whereas on contract mode, rear seats can be folded down to resemble a sports makeover.
Chairman of CT Group, S Charanjit Singh Channi lauded the achievement of the students.