CSC strikes balance in recommendations, gives due share to all three regions

Sanjeev Pargal

JAMMU, Feb 1: Always neglected Jammu and Ladakh regions for the first time could well look for some kind of justice that has been meted out to them by the Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) on creation of new units, which has given due share to all three regions of the State including Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh while recommending 659 new administrative units in the State apart from making all Panchayat Halqas of the State (4098) co-terminus with a patwar halqa.
Headed by Deputy Chief Minister Tara Chand, the CSC had undone the injustice meted out to some regions by Mushtaq Ahmad Ganaie Commission report on new units and did the justice with Jammu and Ladakh regions, which have always complained of injustice and discrimination by successive Governments.
Tara Chand and Minister for PHE, Irrigation and Flood Control Sham Lal Sharma had to fight to ensure justice for all 3 regions especially the neglected areas of the State, official sources told the Excelsior.
The CSC comprised Tara Chand, Sham Sharma, Urban Development Minister Rigzin Jora, all Congress, Higher Education Minister Mohammad Akbar Lone, Planning and Development Minister Ajay Sadhotra and Law & Parliamentary Affairs Minister Saifullah Mir, all National Conference and Agriculture Minister GH Mir of JKDPN, an associate member of Congress.
According to the CSC report, a copy of which was in possession of the Excelsior, the implementation of CSC recommendations would have financial implications of Rs 1510.22 crores including Rs 255.51 crores as revenue (recurring per annum) expenditure and Rs 1254.71 crores as capital (non recurring) expenditure. The sub divisions (46) would entail an expenditure of Rs 143.52 crores, tehsils (135) Rs 507.60 crores, CD blocks (177) Rs 500.91 crores and niabats (301) Rs 358.19 crores.
The new units would require 10,521 staff members including 358 gazetted officers and 10,163 non gazetted officials.
Jammu district, represented by both Tara Chand and Sham Sharma in the Cabinet, got maximum number of 45 administrative units including five sub divisions, 11 tehsils, 7 CD blocks and 22 Niabats by the CSC. These units are in addition to the recommendations made by Mushtaq Ahmad Ganaie Commission, which had also been incorporated by the CSC in the total recommendations.
It may be mentioned here that the CSC has approved all administrative units recommended by Ganaie Commission other than patwar halqas apart from recommending new units by it. The Government would create the units recommended by the CSC, which has incorporated all administrative units proposed by the Ganaie Commission in its report. However, in its report the CSC has given separate details of the units recommended by it as well as Ganaie Commission, both of which have been clubbed in total 659 units for implementation.
Out of total 46 sub division recommended by the CSC, 23 each figured in the list of CSC and Ganaie Commission. Of total 135 tehsils, recommended by the CSC, 78 were recommended exclusively by the CSC and 57 by Ganaie Commission.
Similarly, out of 177 blocks, 114 had been recommended by the CSC and only 63 by the Ganaie Commission while out of 301 niabats, the CSC has recommended 222 and the Ganaie Commission only 79. The patwar halqas recommended by Ganaie Commission have been excluded by the CSC, which has decided to make all 4098 Panchayats in the State including 2145 in Kashmir division (including Ladakh region) and 1953 in Jammu division co-terminus with patwar halqas, which means every Panchayat in the State would have a patwar halqa.
However, the CSC has stated that patwar halqa can’t be treated as an administrative unit as it would have only one patwari.
The Ganaie Commission had recommended only 733 patwar halqas for the State.
The recommendations by the CSC included 437 as against 222 by the Ganaie Commission, totaling 659.
As the CSC had no mandate for recommending new districts, it has suggested creation of eight districts on the basis of representation received from the people. They included one district for Nowshera, Sunderbani and Kalakote in Rajouri district, one hill district for Billawar, Basohli and Bani in Kathua district, one hill district for Mahore and Gool in Reasi district, one district for Akhnoor, border district for Bishnah, RS Pura and Suchetgarh in Jammu, bifurcation of district Leh and Kargil to create a new district and one hill district each out of Baramulla and Kupwara.
The administrative units recommended for Jammu districts by CSC are Marh, Khour, Jammu North (to be headquartered at Roop Nagar), Jammu South (to be headquartered at Gangyal) and Chowki Chowra as sub divisions, Arnia, Suchetgarh, Nagrota, Pargwal, Maira Mandrian, Kharah Balli, Mandal, Jourian, Jammu North, Jammu South and Jammu West as tehsils, Bhalwal Bhahmana, Mathwar, Maira Mandrian, Miran Sahib, Mandal/Phallai, Arnia and Samwan as CD blocks and Bhalwal Brahmana, Maira Mandrian, Shahzadpur, Ghar Majoor, Kathar, Samwan, Sidhra-Bajalta, Jhajjar Kotli, Kattal Battal, Jiree, Dori Daggair, Chak Malal, Gigrial, Gandhi Nagar, Devipur, Agoor, Surinsar, Rajpure Pindi, Rah Siote, Miran Sahib, Mishriwala and Sohal as niabats.
The Ganaie Panel had recommended Bahu, Bhalwal, Chowki Chowra, Dansal, Khour and Marh as tehsils, Chowki Chowra, Kharah Balli, Nagrota, Pargwal and Suchetgarh as blocks, Kharah Balli, Mandal and Mathwal as niabats for Jammu district.
The CSC recommendations for Doda district, which housed Union Minister and former Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad’s home town of Bhaderwah, are 33 new units including Thathri and Assar as sub divisions, Assar, Bhalla, Kahra, Bharat Bagla, Chillu Pingal (to be headquartered at Tendla), Bhagwa, Chiralla, Phigsoo and Mohalla as tehsils, Dali-Udhyanpur, Khellani, Kahra, Changa, Chilli Pingal and Jakyas as CD blocks, Kahra, Pranu, Dali-Kulhand, Jakyas, Bhella, Bharat, Halaran, Kandhote, Seelu, Changa, Sinoo, Manoo (Kota/Hadail-ST population), Khal Jugasa, Akthar (Bhaderwah), Bhaira and Barthi Khaku as niabats.
The Ganaie recommendations for Doda are Gundna, Kasti Garh and Marmat as tehsils, Bhalla, Bhatyas, Chirala and Kasti Garh as blocks and Chirala, Kaljota, Topneel and Dessa as niabats.
Kathua district has been given four tehsils by the CSC including Lohai Malhar (headquartered at Machaidi), Nagri Parole, Dinga Amb and Marheen (out of Hiranagar) have been approved as tehsils, Keerian Gadiyal (Lakhanpur), Bhoond, Darmahanpur, Dugain, Mandli, Dinga Amb, Nagri and Beggan were approved as CD blocks and Keerian Gadiyal, Hatli, Bhoond, Darmahanpur, Korepunnu, Kootah, Duggain, Nagrota Gujroo, Parnalla, Beggan, Barnoti and Sallan have got the status of niabats.
Ganaie had given Kathua district on sub  division as Hiranagar, Mahanpur and Ramkote as tehsils, Nagrota Gujroo, Mahanpur and Mahreen as CD blocks and Baken, Lohai Malhar, Lowang, Macchedi and Mandli as niabats.
District Kishtwar too has not been given any sub division by the CSC but it has been allotted six new tehsils including Nagseni, Drabshala, Mugal Maidan, Machail, Dashan (headquartered at Soundar) and Wadwan (headquartered at Inshan). Palmar, Tregam and Mugal Maidan have got the status of CD blocks while niabats included Lass, Balgran, Sigdi, Patnazi, Thakral (Keshwan), Kontwada, Sohal Paddar, Kuchal, Chingam, Dadpeth, Bhagna (Nagseni), Palmar, Trigam, Tijim, Pather Naki, Wadwan, Tiyari and Ropara.
The Ganaie recommendations for Kishtwar are Chhatroo, Marwah and Padder as sub divisions, Bunjwah as tehsil, Bunjwah and Thakral as blocks, Mughal Maidan, Nagsaini, Saroor, Dacchan and Machail as niabats.
In District Poonch, the CSC has recommended Surankote as sub division, Mankote as tehsil, Nangali Sai Baba, Sathra, Loran and Lassana as CD blocks and Gulpur, Bafliaz, Chhatral, Lasblari, Bhata Dhurian, Khanetar/Kanuya (to be headquartered at Bhainch), Bandi Chechian, Dara Dullian (to be headquartered) at Kawarian Upper and Lasana as niabats.
The Ganaie recommendations for Poonch are Balakote as tehsil, Mankote as block and Chandi Marh, Hari Marhote, Mankote and Sabjian as niabats.
District Rajouri has got three sub divisions from the CSC including Kalakote, Sunderbani and Thanna Mandi, five tehsils including Taryath, Qilla Darhal, Seote, Laroka and Beri Pattan, six CD blocks including Plangar, Lamberi, Qila Darhal, Dangri, Seote and Seri and 13 niabats including Gambhir Mughlan, Saj, Prat Siot, Shahdara Sharief, Lamberi, Qila Darhal, Dandasar, Banselia, Kangri, Taryath, Solki, Narla Bambal and Ujhan.
The Ganaie recommendations for Rajouri included Koteranka as sub division, Khwas and Manjakote as tehsils, Budhal, Khwas, Moghla and Pangrain as blocks, Bhawani, Mughla and Peeri as niabats.
District Ramban has secured one sub division in the form of Ramsoo from the CSC, two tehsils—Khari and Rajgarh, four CD blocks—Khari (Mahu Mangat), Ukhral, Gudi Dharam and Gandhri and eight niabats—Indh, Neel, Chanderkote, Gundi-Dharam, Tethhar, Senapati Paristan, Balihot and Sanasar.
The Ganaie recommendations for Ramban included Banihal and Gool as sub division, Batote, Gool and Pogal Paristan as tehsils, Batote, Mahu Mangar, Rajgarh and Sangaldan as blocks, Gandhri, Mahu Mangat, Rajgarh and Sangaldan as niabats.
The CSC has recommended Throo (headquartered at Darmari) as sub division in Reasi district, Chassan, Thuroo and Thakrakote as tehsils, Thakrakote, Thuroo, Panthal, Gulabgarh and Jij Bagli as CD blocks and Budhan, Salal, Tuli Banna, Sher Garhi, Chana Shikari, Gij Chakrawahan, Panthal, Dera Baba Bahadur, Balmat Kote and Kainthi as niabats.
The Ganaie recommendations for Reasi as Katra as sub division, Arnas, Bhamag, Katra and Pouni as tehsils, Bhamag, Chasana and Katra as blocks and Dhanote, Gulabgarh and Ransoo as niabats.
Samba has secured one sub division with Ghagwal from the CSC and one tehsil at Rajpura, four CD blocks as Sumb, Nud, Purmandal (headquartered at Bari Barahamana) and Rajpora and three niabats including Gurha Slathia, Ratanpur Sarara and Chambyal.
The Ganaie recommendations for Samba are Vijaypur as sub division, Bari Barahamana, Ghagwal, Ramgarh and Vijaypur as tehsils, Ramgarh as block, Nandpur, Nud, Purmandal and Sumb as niabats.
Chenani and Dudu have got the status of sub divisions in Udhampur district from the CSC. Latti and Moungri as tehsils. The CD blocks included Latti, Kulwanta, Khoon, Parly Dhar (headquartered at Rang), Moungri, Chanunta/Dalsar (headquartered at Barmeen), Sewna Chammi and Nasru while the niabats included Jaganoo, Dudu and Daramthal.
The Ganaie recommendations for Udhampur included Ramnagar as sub division, Dudu-Basantgarh and Panchari as tehsils, Jagansoo and Tikri as blocks and Ghordi, Kulwanta, Lander, Latti, Moungri and Mansar as niabats.
The CSC has recommended Shakar Chiktan as sub division in Kargil district, Shergole and Tai-Suru as tehsils, Karsha, Pashkum, Bhimbat (Drass), Barsoo Nala and Lotsum as blocks, Lungnaq Zanskar, GM Pore, Tiasuru, Zangla and TSG as niabats.
The Ganaie recommendations for Kargil are Sanku as sub division, Drass and Shakar Chiktan as tehsils, Sodh as block, Cha, Shargol and Taisuru as niabats.
The CSC has recommended three new sub divisions for Leh including Durbuk, Kharu and Likir, three new tehsils—Nyoma, Saspol, Kharu, five blocks—Rong (headquartered at Chumthang), Rupsno (headquartered at Puga), Skyurbachan, Thiksay and Nemo as blocks, Kharu, Panamic, Gia, Timisgam, Wanla, Khatot, Chumthang, Bazgo, Hanle, Charasa and Chushot as niabats.
The Ganaie recommendations for Leh areDiskit and Durbuk as tehsils, Turtuk, Singay Lalok and Wanla (Khalsi) as blocks, Nyoma and Skurbuchan as niabats.
The total administrative units recommended for Kashmir region by the CSC and the Ganaie Commission have been given in the table on page No. 9.